Hydrologic Systems Defined

NEIRBO (pronounced near-bo) is a hydrologic consulting practice that understands the interactions between water, the environment, and engineered infrastructure. We apply this expertise in the mining, agriculture, construction, environmental, and water management fields.

The ability to diagnosis cause-and-effect relationships leads to pragmatic engineering and management solutions. Our technical analyses and modeling then provide the timing, magnitude, and location of water flow and water quality. These analyses are used for engineering designs, impact analyses, and water management.

  • Neirbo HydroGeology


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    NEIRBO has completed its study on current and historical salinity conditions in the South Platte River. The analysis indicates that salinity is steadily increasing in the upper basin and concentrations in the lower basin are high enough to reduce yields of most crops. Salinity is a growing concern for irrigated agriculture and domestic water supplies.

  • Neirbo HydroGeology


    Analyses and insights of the interactions between water, the environment, and engineered structures support sound water management practices.

  • Neirbo HydroGeology


    We address agricultural concerns with water quality, augmentation plans, recharge projects, high groundwater levels, and water rights. 

  • Neirbo HydroGeology


    We address slope stability and shallow water table problems by designing, installing, and optimizing dewatering systems.

  • Neirbo HydroGeology


    When damage occurs due to water, a forensic investigation unravels the site history, hydrology, geology, and actions that caused the damage.