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In 2012, Grady O'Brien founded NEIRBO after working for over 20 years with the U.S. Geological Survey and consulting firms. Grady wanted to create an employee friendly, non-corporate, low-stress environment. This allows our employees to take ownership of their work, be constantly challenged, and feel good about contributing to important projects.

As a small firm, each of our clients is extremely important. We always provide the responsive service that our clients deserve. We meet their schedules and work within their company structure. In other words, we adapt to our clients, not the other way around.

We rely on long-term clients and referrals, which only works if we act in our client's best interests and deliver high-quality professional products at a fair price. Our expertise and technical capabilities are as good or better than the corporate guys, so our client's never compromise on quality.

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Grady O'Brien

Grady O'Brien

Grady O'Brien is the founder and Principal Hydrogeologist at NEIRBO. He has over 30 years of hydrogeology experience. During that time he has developed expertise across the full range of technical skills needed to successfully design, coordinate, implement, and complete complex projects. Grady guides staff in data collection, technical analyses, and modeling tasks. His years of experience ensures that projects are properly designed, staffed, and managed to deliver the needed results. One of his roles is to translate technical jargon to useful information for environmental managers, operational managers, project managers, business owners, attorneys, and property owners.


Carolyn Lambert

Carolyn Lambert is a Senior Hydrogeologist with over 15 years of experience. She is our lead modeler and specializes in groundwater flow, chemical transport, and 3D geologic modeling. Carolyn can model your project site no matter what it has - rivers, lakes, wetlands, canals, open pits, farmland, engineered structures -  you name it, she's on it. The critical natural and man-made processes that impact your site will be incorporated seamlessly. Models are calibrated using best practices and then sensitivity analyses show how hydrologic conditions change when management practices, climate, rock properties, and engineering changes occur. By providing the timing and magnitude of these changes our clients can make sound decisions with confidence. 


Junior Staff and Our Network of Specialists

Junior Staff do a lot of the heavy lifting. These bright eyed and eager folks dive into those difficult tasks that have to get done. The data they collect, compile, manage, and visualize are the foundation for our complex analyses.

Our Network of Specialists has been developed over the years and they provide additional depth and breadth to our services when our projects need extra manpower and highly specialized expertise. In this way, we can quickly get the staff needed to tackle large projects. This staffing model keeps our overhead low and clients only pay for what they need.