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Neirbo HydroGeology

Rosemont Copper Project, Hudbay Minerals​

NEIRBO staff have worked extensively for the development of this proposed open pit copper project in Arizona, USA. Over the years we have completed test well drilling, hydraulic testing, hydrogeologic conceptual models, geologic framework models, calibrated groundwater flow models, chemical transport models, Goldsim water-balance models, open-pit dewatering plans, and numerous other technical details to help get this project approved.

Dawn Mill Site, Newmont Mining

NEIRBO has completed well and monitoring design and implementation, groundwater analyses, site-wide flow and transport modeling, and closure alternative analyses for the ore stockpile area at this legacy uranium mill site. Evaluation of performance and feasibility of engineered soil cover, source removal, pump and treat, permeable reactive barrier, and slurry walls for site remediation has assisted in moving this site toward closure.

Neirbo HydroGeology
Neirbo HydroGeology

South Platte River Watershed Study, Wyoming Water Development Commission

This project developed a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of alluvial and bedrock aquifers, groundwater resources, and groundwater use. Geologic structures and aquifer characteristics were analyzed to determine their role in groundwater availability and potential for additional development. Unexplored groundwater development areas were identified based on favorable hydrogeologic and operational conditions. Developed an improved understanding of surface water and groundwater interactions based on analyses of streamflow, climate conditions, and aquifer responses. Water-balance estimates including aquifer recharge due to areal precipitation, infiltrating streamflow, and agricultural irrigation return flow were developed.

Yucca Mountain U.S. Dept. of Energy

NEIRBO staff designed, implemented, and analyzed aquifer testing and monitoring networks at the project site. Aquifer properties and analysis results were used in three-dimensional numerical modeling at the site and regional scales. Measured groundwater system responses to earthquakes to address concerns over the impacts of seismic activity on this potential underground, high-level nuclear waste site.

Neirbo HydroGeology
Mohave water supply

Water Supply Mohave County, AZ

NEIRBO staff developed two three-dimensional groundwater flow models, covering three basins, to analyze the sustainability of a groundwater supply for a 160,000 home development. An "Adequate Water Supply" determination was approved by the State in this previously unstudied area.

Death Valley Region U.S. Dept. of Energy

NEIRBO staff worked within a technical team consisting of U.S. Geological Survey scientists, academic researchers, and private consultants constructing the Death Valley regional groundwater flow model. Groundwater flow paths and travel times from a proposed high-level nuclear waste facility were evaluated. The modeling integrated Nevada’s Basin and Range hydrogeology, faulting, fracturing, hydraulic-property variations, evapotranspiration, and spring characteristics.

Neirbo HydroGeology

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