Solving Water Problems Diagnose. Design. Do.

Neirbo HydroGeology

NEIRBO serves the mining, agriculture, construction, environmental, and water management industries. We have the technical capabilities and expertise to diagnose the problem, develop a project, design the solution, and implement the plan.

We create 3D project site models that are representative of the hydrology, geology, vegetation, climate, and engineered infrastructure. These models are used to simulate past, present, and future conditions. Then our clients can make informed business and management decisions based on sound science.

  • We understand the hydrologic system and its interactions with the natural and engineered environments
  • Site conditions are analyzed and the underlying problems are diagnosed
  • Projects are designed and managed to stay on budget and on schedule
  • Best practices and engineered solutions are designed and implemented
  • We work with ​your in-house staff to extend their capabilities and give them the specialized help they need
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We design and implement mine dewatering plans. Vertical wells, horizontal drains, sumps, and water control features are designed for dewatering pit slopes and water management. Specifications, such as, spacing, diameter, depth, screen interval, pump size, and monitoring are developed to achieve depressurization in the time frame needed to maintain safe working conditions.

Neirbo HydroGeology

NEIRBO also provides environmental analyses to mining projects. Analyses and modeling predictions support environmental permits and compliance requirements. We quantify impacts to rivers, streams, endangered species, vegetation, or other water users. Potential impacts can be changes in stream flow, groundwater levels, groundwater flow paths, and water quality.

Neirbo HydroGeology


Existing and planned water projects continue to challenge agriculture. NEIRBO supports irrigated agriculture by providing technical expertise for these challenges. Impacts from projects can include depleting river flows, rising groundwater levels, decreasing well yields, and degrading water quality. We quantify the volume and water quality for augmentation plans, water storage projects, and water-right cases.

Neirbo HydroGeology


A forensic study investigates the site conditions and history to determine the likely cause of property damage due to water. Changes in land use due to development, surface drainage, landscaping, and the underlying geologic conditions can influence groundwater conditions. We analyze the soils, rocks, engineered structures, climate, irrigation, and property management practices that provide clues about the root cause of the problem. Then our diagnosis and recommendations mitigate and resolve the problematic conditions.

Neirbo HydroGeology


NEIRBO supports environmental projects by developing an understanding of the natural and engineered systems. Data are analyzed to develop a conceptual understanding and then computer models are used to simulate the hydrologic system and engineered infrastructure. As a result, we can estimate the timing and magnitude of impacts to stream flow, groundwater levels, endangered and aquatic species, vegetation, water users, and water quality.

Remediation and mitigation measures are designed and simulated to evaluate potential corrective actions. What-if scenarios illustrate the beneficial and detrimental changes that guide project decision making. We evaluate the effectiveness of engineered pumping wells, groundwater collection trenches, horizontal drains, horizontal wells, slurry walls, and permeable reactive barriers. Then, model predictions illustrate how engineering designs will perform across the project area and over time.

  • Hydrogeologic analyses
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling
  • Geologic mapping and modeling
  • Environmental permitting​





We apply our expertise to designing engineered structures that will mitigate and manage the underlying problems. Analyses and simulations provide estimates of how the mitigation measures will perform over time. These predictions aid in decision-making processes and support environmental permitting.

Neirbo HydroGeology
  • Water Management
  • Construction Dewatering
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Environmental Remediation